Who are you?

“Who are we?” – A dilemma faced by all of us, especially in our teen years. Life goes so fast while we are at it. We learn almost everything during these fun, as well as the most difficult years. And what can be more confusing than puberty, right? From petty hormonal changes to small failures, everything feels like a big issue. And how can we forget about peer pressure?

Have you ever just gone for a bath, and came out after hours, without even washing your hair properly, because you were too busy contemplating your life? Don’t worry, it happens with all of u too. And that’s exactly why I am writing this article. To help you get through these years with ease and no self-harming thought is our main motivation today.

Teen years are very confusing. You are not a child anymore, but you are not completely an adult too. We get it! So, what exactly are you? A confused lazy burrito who cries all day realizing how difficult life is? Well, it’s not! Let’s make one thing very clear! Whatever you’re going through now, is not going to matter in three years. So, take a chill pill and laugh it off.

The other thing is – don’t think you are just a normal person. This is a lie. Everyone is unique in their own way. Everyone is special. It depends on how you use it. So, work on yourself, your skills, your talents and make sure that you’re eccentric. Don’t just be another star in the sky. Work hard and try to be the sun, the one that lightens everyone’s life.

Third thing – Even if you think you’re not special, you are. You might not know it. There would be thousands dying to be just like you, while you are busy copying others. The feeling of envy and jealousy might take over, but don’t let them. Choose happiness, for yourself and for others.

Fourth and the last – Surround yourself with positivity. Dismiss the gossip group, the boyfriend who cheated on you 10 times and the friends who don’t believe in you. Just dismiss them and walk away with pride. Always remember, you are too special to be ruined by someone’s negativity.


Just follow these four rules, and believe me what awaits you afterwards, is more beautiful than you can imagine. So, embrace your weirdness right now, and like your unique characteristics.

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