What happens to those who give up?


“Sometimes giving up is the only option, OR IS IT?”

Day and again, we read articles about people who stood up after falling, people who didn’t let failure come in their way of achieving what they wanted, people who laughed at the name of those who ‘failed to try’ things in life. But what about the ones gave up? Rarely do they sprout in anyone’s head.

So today at Love circle, we are going to discuss people who have never been discussed by anyone.


Anil Kumar (name altered), had never tasted failure his whole life. Till the age of 21. He aced everything he tried, whether it be winning a competition, or wooing a girl. Since his very childhood, he believed failure was a crime, and whoever failed once is only going to fail all his life.

But things changed as he touched adulthood, and was hit by the harshest reality of the country. His talent for mechanics held him back from studying science night after night and working on his chemistry, as he would be busy with screwing and unscrewing things.

When he turned 21, he appeared for the test for the first time after years of practice, as he feared flunking. So, he decided not to give the test until he was prepared. Now this was a national-level test for engineering, AIEE (Name altered). After giving the test, he was sure, he would get into any college he desired. He dreamt that the top colleges would call him personally, and he would be a huge story in the national publications. “A tale of a boy from a small village in UP to a factory in the US”, he would narrate to his parents, chuckling at his own silliness.

But fate had planned something else for him. After a month, when the result came, he couldn’t believe what was in front of him. All his stories turned into fables, as he realised he didn’t even touch the passing point. He locked himself in the room and cried for days. When his parents tried to console him, he blamed them for not being rich enough to provide for his books, and when his friends tried to approach him, he shut them out in embarrassment.

After a week of not hearing from him, his parents broke open his door, but only to find him hung on the fan, with a note under his feet which said, “I am sorry I let everyone down”. No amount of therapy could bring his parents back to normal, till date, and in a snap of a second he decided to take his life, without thinking about anyone. He decided to give up in a blink of an eye, without even giving his parents much thought.

After a month, a news flashed on almost all the channels and publications about the incorrect checking of the AIEE papers. A letter was pushed under his house door apologizing for the inconvenience. It turned out that because of a fraud in the checking process, papers and marks had been shuffled. He scored the highest in the state and the 9th highest in the country. The cream of the country colleges tried his phone, only to end up consoling his parents. The newspapers did nothing but apologize for their loss, when they came for his interview instead.

Nothing or no one could’ve change what happened, except for him. Had he chosen to appear again next year, the newspapers’ front pages would be having his photograph, instead of the obituary list.

Hence, it’s time we realise that giving up is not an option. There are always other opportunities if you look around. Whether you believe in things like ‘Whatever happens, happens for a reason”, “Karma will punish the ones wronging you” or “You can get whatever you want” is your choice. Believe in whatever helps you in moving forward.

So, what is the thing stops you from giving up? What is the thing that pushes you to attain your goal? Have you ever thought about giving up? What did you do then? Comment your answers and your opinions about the article. We are ever ready for criticism. How else will we move forward. Right? And giving up doesn’t exist in our language, and it’s time you omitted it from yours too.

“Think twice before making a decision, or don’t think at all. But never give up.”

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