Water under the bridge or you under some Bridge? – A Story

Since the very start, we are taught two contradicting theories, ‘Failure is not an option’ and ‘Failure is the stepping stone to success’, and the fact is that both are right in their own ways. It depends on how you see failure. Do you evaluate your mistakes and work over them or do you just see failure as defeat?

Let me narrate you a story of a guy who had a choice, a choice between water under the bridge or him under some bridge? Long story short, in less than a day, Arjun lost everything he had ever gained. He lost his job because of some family problems, his wife ran away, and so did his will to live.

He couldn’t take the pain, the pain of facing all his problems alone. So one night, he drafted letters to everyone he ever loved, including his wife and boss, and with tears in his eyes, he kissed his dog and walked to the bridge.

This is where the story starts. He starts contemplating everything. Looking down at the water, he knows what is approaching. What is better though? Living a painful life or just ending it? Questions start striking his mind with the speed of lightning. ‘What if there is no purpose of life?’, then a contradictory question would sprout ‘What if there is?’. There on the top of the bridge, he bawled his eyes out, taking the most important decision of his life.

He sits down, takes his phone out and blogs ‘Is quitting the bad? Well it depends on what you see as quitting. I have decided to quit today, but not my life. I have decided to quit trying to please people who don’t matter. I have decided to quit letting my mind run behind my ex-wife, who always cherished money more than humanity. I have decided to quit trying to mingle with my boss and co-workers because I know I have what it takes to be the best coder in the world, the will power, the skills, the creativity etc.  I have decided to start afresh, a new life. Something I’ll cherish trying, even if I fail. I know my past is painful, but that doesn’t mean I’ll be under some bridge, instead all the things that caused me pain are just water under the bridge now.’

He walked back with a smile on his face. No one knows what happened with Arjun. All they know is that he never gave up on himself again. He made the right choice.

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to make a choice between your life and death? Comment below. Let us know your opinions on us, and how we can help. Also, don’t forget to pay our merchandise a visit. The merchandise itself answers some important life questions. Hope you enjoyed. Thank you!

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