Perhaps mostly everybody must be familiar by now with these globally viral videos of innovators, motivators and life couches under the banner of TED talks. It is one of the most prevalent advice to the disheartened & dispirited that “” Go & check out some of the TED talks online, I am sure you find something for yourself””. So how this phenomenon of TED TALKS did become synonymous to motivation, encouragement & enlightenment? How did these TED TALKS come to existence as they are?


TED was founded in 1984 by Richard Saul Wurman & Harry Marks as an annual conference with the defining theme of technology, entertainment & design working together. It didn’t garner much response as expected and it was 6 years before they sought to give it another shot.

Now this time around the event was a success with all the brilliant & curious minds from around the globe coming as partakers & observers. Moreover with each passing year the ambit of the conference’s motif grew diverse much beyond technology and included personalities form across the fields like medical, philanthropy & social sector to name a few.


This gave rise to their motto of “spreading ideas worth spreading”. In 2002 a media entrepreneur Chris Anderson met with Richard Saul Wurman to discuss the future of the conference from where originated the TED a non-profit organization we know today.


The principle that makes TED great is to attract the most inspired individuals across the world and provide them with the platform to share their passions. This further led to diversification to many sub platforms including the eminent audio and video podcast series TED TALKS with an objective to provide the best TED content free of cost worldwide. TED Talks proved so popular that in 2007, TED’s website was re-launched around them, giving a global audience free access to some of the world’s greatest thinkers, leaders and teachers.


As a conclusion, TED TALKS is one of the most accredited & well-received global initiatives which continues to enthral, motivate & inspire its attendees in addition to nurturing a global community from different disciplines who seeks a better understanding of this world around us.


Now among the troves of inspiring & intellectual content here are  a select few that everybody can relate to and take a page from.


1. The puzzle of Motivation by Dan Pink

The talk is motivating and inspiring as it goes on to address the issue of attitude towards one’s work and how it inspires them to go on and do more for themselves. With didactic tone and relevant issues, everyone is  driven to  listen to Dan Pink. The talk is quite relevant to anyone who is planning to enter the big bad professional setups of our society respected by all. It also talks about the big corporations and how people are nothing more than little pegs like everyone is playing the game of life. However, all this leaves us with is a determination to succeed and improve one’s personality in a holistic manner.

2. The happy secret to better work by Shawn achor

Shawn achor a very famous psychologist addresses the issue of happiness and how it relates to each and every action and reaction in our lives. It also talks about that how everyone conveniently believes that happiness comes to those who are successful and people who work hard however, it challenges this notion of happiness. He compels us to think backwards! With a very funny take on life he is persistent with his views of happiness inspiring us to be more productive.

3. How to make stress your friend by Kelly Mcgonical

Stress ! All it does is makes our hearts pound, giddy, quiver in our stomachs and frowns on our foreheads. Stress has become a public health enemy. However, recent studies and researches have shown that stress is bad only when you perceive it to be. With Kelly G, the platforms urges us to visualise and open our visions to stay positive and conveniently introduces us to an unsung phenomenon for stress reduction and helping others too.



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