What makes for a great presentation — the kind that compels people’s attention and calls them to action?  TED talks have certainly set a benchmark in recent years: with iconic people coming forward and using the platform to express themselves and motivate millions.

Here is a review of a few talks which are not at all boring and compel you to get motivated all the same.


  1. Procrastination by TIM URBAN 

This particular TED TALK deals with an issue that is prevalent & plagues most of us – PROCRASTINATION. The approach utilised by the orator is unsophisticated & equally chuckle some which helps to effortlessly understand & retain the takeaways from this video. As evident the talk is constructed around decoding the phenomenon of PROCRASTINATION and how to control its effects in our lives. It is beautiful and inspirational in its simplicity and a person can relate to it. If you think that procrastination is something you want to get a control on ? This is a must watch


  1. Brain will not be the same – Lara Boyd

This talk revolves around the functioning and understanding of the most vital organ in humans namely the brain. Even after decades of advancements in the neuroscience the amount of knowledge gathered is still very meagre & ever growing. This talk summarises the key aspects of brain functioning and makes us aware of the processes which are constantly happening in our head. As the title suggests after concluding this video your view and understanding of the brain will change fundamentally which in turn can aid you to realise its potential. .


  1. Life Plain and Simple – SRK (Sharukh Khan)

What do you get when you put SRK, one of India’s most popular actors ever and sharp-talker extraordinaire on the stage for a TED Talk? You get more than you signed up for. You get funny, emotional and honest talk, by “an ageing superstar” that will tug at your heartstrings. He is the literal charmer. He started with he narration of the advent of his career talking about his childhood in passing and through light on his failures, virtues and vices. He also talked about his parenthood, the downfall, the rising and then the stability which he is gifted with. He like a good PR business person used the platform to clear rumours about his family however, did not loses the attention of his fans. He tries to inspire everyone and communicate that life is simple, you can either make it or break it. If you are looking for some inspiration to speak about your personal issues and things which worry you the most, Go ahead and watch this one already!


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