5 Apps you must try to remain Positive !

Positivity in today’s turbulent world is like trying to keep a grin on your face while stubbing your toe. Life often hurts; you may have the scars to prove it. Building and maintaining a positive attitude through positive thinking which comes naturally through fun games will help buoy resilience during harder times. As rightly said “Life is a shipwreck but we must not forget to sing in the lifeboats.”

These days, it seems like there’s an app for everything — a meaningful as a utility app or as unnecessary as a little game to enjoy to while away our time. Amidst the sea of silly apps, developers have designed meaningful algorithms as well.

While an app doesn’t take the place of a counsellor or the ear of a loved one, it can help you form better thinking patterns in your daily life. Give it a try!

Here are few applications which should be on your speed download if you aspire to live an inspired and negativity ridden life.

1. My Brain Solutions 2.0

The application is an amazing platform to improve your brain health.  With health tools that reduce stress, increases productivity, and even lower health costs. It improves meta stability ad functioning through training exercises that aim at increasing positivity, self-regulation, processing time, memory, focus ad reduces negativity base and destructive thoughts after just 20 brief session.

Has personalized assessments, scalable bra training and motivational stories.

Type: Free

2. Personal Zen

The players are supposed to follow two animated characters, one of which looks calm and friendly while the other looks angry, as they burrow through a field of rustling grass. Even a single session of play can build resilience over several hours. It is suggested using the app right before a stressful event, but 10 minutes a day will help build more enduring positive effects.

Type: Free

3. Positive Activity Jackpot

This application is a lot of fun. It actually makes the user feel like he/she is experiencing a real lottery. It uses augmented reality with an Android phone’s GPS to find nearby activities and diversions for someone coping with depression. All you have to do if you cannot make up your mind what to do, is just “pull the lever” and let the app’s jackpot function make the choice for you. The app is based on a form of behavioral therapy called pleasant event scheduling, which encourages a daily schedule of enjoyable activities to improve moods and overcome despondent thoughts.

Type: Free

4. Lift

This free app is like a motivational coach and support community combined. Unlike other more niched apps, LIFT allows you to enter a whole gammit of aspirations, from working out more to meditating daily, follow-up phone calls and daily writing. Whatever you want to achieve, you can program it into the app.

Download it to get started with entering your own goals and finding like-minded users in the LIFT community. You’ll be able to monitor your progress daily, set reminders and be notified when you accomplish tasks. It’s a great way to not only organize your goals, but also to monitor your progress.

Type: Free

5. Happify

Train your brain to be happier? Yep, research shows that some activities help build your ability to conquer negative thoughts, show gratitude, cope with stress, and empathize — all essential ingredients for a fuller, happier life. Using fundamentals of positive psychology, which involves focusing on the strengths and virtues that enable individuals to create fulfilling lives, the app’s quizzes, polls and gratitude journal — combined with a positive community — gradually teach life-changing habits. The goal is to build these skills and keep users smiling all day.

Type: Free

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